Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Twine? the next best thing...

I've been drooling over all the TWINE that I've been seeing on cards lately. I've checked around locally and no one is really carrying any so far, and I'm not big into ordering stuff online I can't see in person. So I headed out to my Michaels to see what I could find and low and behold what I found!!! It's not twine it's yarn but it had that spiraled effect that I've been seeing with the Twine. This brand was on sale 4 packs for $5. As you can see I already rolled the red one, so pretty!!

Vintage christmas tins

I am super inspired by Michelle at http://michellewooderson.blogspot.com/ I love her blog and basically everything she has ever created!!! She uses little tins to keep her supplies close at hand. Over the last few months I've spied a few at my local flea market and about a month ago I found this Christmas tree ones at a local thrift shop. I actually have 10-14 of them!!! super cute! I didn't use them this year but hope to use them next season.