Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thrifting Thursday

I am now fascinated with Thrifting blogs!!! I have always had a 'thing' for thrift shops and now I see so many others share my fascination with them!!! I first remember thrifting when I was in college, but necessarily because of the cheapness, but more so a thrill with the one of a kind clothing, decorations, etc, that I could find!!!
I am not a big "NAME BRAND" type person. I do have a few 'name brands' that I stay with but not too many.

I did pick up 2 'name brand' tops at my local thrift shop yesterday. I was more attracted by the color of the first one more than anything.

The green/blue one is 3/4 sleeves with a kinda cowl neck, by Izod.
I paid $6. :-)

The second is long sleeves, but thin material, by Gap.

I paid $3 :-)

Inspiration station cards

Yeah Me again for actually making cards using the stuff I put in my Inspiration Station!!! LOL
I had a few more, but have needed them for bday in the last few weeks.

Baby Boy Blue

Whipped up this card for a coworker expecting a little bundle of joy next month.

Yeah me for using some of that new "twine-ish" yarn I bought recently!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

My Valentine Inpiration station

I mentioned earlier that I love all of Michelle W's stuff. Well she has posted in the past her Inspiration stations that she put together around the holidays. Here's hers from last year She pulls out ribbon, flowers, eyelets, brads, etc and puts them together as a station to work from. Well here is mine! Smaller scale, but hopefully I can create some cute Valentine's from all this inspiration!!!

One more Christmas post ( I think)

Ifound this Vintage table runner at my local church thrift shop. I fell in love at 1st site!!! CATS!!! It is in perfect condition, I found no labels, so I am guessing it was handmade with LOVE!!!