Friday, January 16, 2009

My 1st big coupon save!!!

I got a 6 oz bag of these for .24cents each!!! I am relatively new to the fine art of couponing. but i have been studying a few blogs and learned that many stores will let you 'stack' coupons. So here is what i did, went to Target and they had the 6oz bags with a manufacter coupon for $1 off a bag, each bag was 2.24 minus $1 left me at 1.24 , but I had a sunday insert coupon for $3 dollars off 3 bags, basically another $1 off each bag left them at .24 cents each!!! These are for my furry sister Millie, she eats way too many but it makes her and my mom happy!!!


ChrissyM said...

I'm new to your blog but that is awesome. Wish I could fine a deal like that. my dog loves these!

Sherri Walker-McCann "sha" said...

I think they made a mistake...are you saying that you use TWO manufactuer's coupons along with the store coupon? If you used the -$1 off man. coupon making them $1.24, you should not have been able to use another $3 off 3 man. coupon, since it is illegal to use 2 man coupons on one item.The $3 off 3 coupon covered all three bags. I am just trying to case you were not aware (you said you were new to this). I teach classes on couponing and I would want someone to clarify that to one of my students for me, if they made the same mistake.
YOu WERE right about being able to use both man. AND store coupons on the same item!! :)