Friday, July 22, 2011

My Mane

Trust me I know I have a lot of hair.  IT's long, thick and there's a LOT of it!!!  so when I see women on youtube talking about thier wonderful hair styles they've created, I am always envious, because with all this hair, most times my hair won't do what normal hair will do!!!  BUT... I saw a video yesterday where the girl put her hair in a bun with a sock and it left her with lovely loose curls the next day.  I didn't have a sock but my hair was already in a bun of sorts so I just left it in over night. and here are the results...

Usually my hair is also FRIZZY, so this is a definite possibility for me.  I didn't put any product in my hair so I'm sure it will fall flat as soon as I walk out the door, but it turned out pretty good for the 1st attempt.

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