Friday, November 14, 2008

gotta love your local thrift shop!!!!

I took a trip to my local thrift shop and look what I found!!! I love going to the thrift shop, I try to go often, but i hadn't been in awhile. I needed to find some stuff for school and I found this!!
I don't pay too much for purses, so I wouldn't be in the aisle at the store for a Fossil!!! I love big purses and so when I spied this one at the thrift shop it caught my eye. When I looked closer I saw that it was practically new and then I noticed the tag inside. I know Fossil is a pretty expensive brand. I tried to search this type and find a price but perhaps it's an older style. Needless to say it doesn't matter to me! OH and I paid $10 for it! Woo Hoo!!!

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