Monday, November 24, 2008

Slice by MM reviewed by me

I have resisted buying any kind of electric die cutting system. I went to a few demo's for the cricut and although it was impressive i resisited. I have my sizzix and cuttlebug and they have done well by me for a few years now.

Well about a month ago, my LSS was doing a craft sale and they were demo'ing the Slice by Making Memories. I fell in love with it immediately! and with a little peer pressure from my friends I bought one!!! well i had to wait 3 weeks to get me hands on it. In those 3 weeks I read all the review I could get too. Then I started getting buyers remorse. What had I done??

I finally got it 3 days ago. I finally got a long period of time to play with it today and the verdict is::::::: 2 paws up!!

I was nervous about the potential for wasting paper. Even though I have enough paper to open my own store (LOL) or be considered a fire hazard (LOL) I wondered how that would play out.

It is not a problem at all!! If you use a full sheet of paper, you just position the paper where you want it to be cut. then you can use you sheet for more than one shape too!!

I am really happy with it so far! Hope to post more creations with my Slice soon!!!

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