Sunday, March 13, 2011

An Adventure in Repurposing!!!

So I've had quite the adventure in repurposing a yard sale find into a wedding present!

Here is what i started with: I knew that a coworker was getting married soon and that her wedding was on the beach and that she was going with a beachy theme. She will have mini adorandack chairs on her cake. So when i spied this chair/frame at a garage sale I knew I had to get it!!!

After the 1st few coats of spray paint it looked like this:

I am new to spray paint. This was after like 3 coats but the under colors were really still shining thru!!! I turned to a somewhat tan color and gave it a few coats of that and then went back with the white and it was much better!! Note to self, start with a primer coat 1st and then the rest will go so much better!!! I also learned to take off hardware before you paint!! The frame had just 4 small arms on the back, I thought it would be ok just to put tape on them but that was a nightmare!!

So in the end here is what i ended up with:

The jewels really made it look super cute! ( I think) Hope the bride and groom will agree!!! (LOL)

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